Grab a cup of coffee and join us to think about points to remember if we need to split social media, for instance Facebook or Google+ accounts, to separate our personal and professional lives:

1.  It’s easier to do separate accounts when setting them up than later when people may’ve already seen things to tarnish your business reputation, or credibility.

2.  Think about which reputation you want to build before you decide where to post something.

3.  Remember information from other people will appear on your professional account so if they aren’t a work connection it is better to keep them as a personal friend.

4. If they are a work connection be sure to “Friend” their own professional page so their holiday snaps don’t appear in your own Business Account.

5. Some social media have a geolocating facility. If you don’t want that recorded for every post and photo – go into the settings and turn it off.

6.  Google + and Facebook both have options for your photos to be used as background photos for promotional purposes. If you don’t want that to happen make sure to also go to Settings and turn it of.

7.  Check through all settings to make sure what you want to be private is private and conversely public is public..

8.  If you do not want people on your Professional Account to be able to see your Personal account you will need to not “Friend” yourself on your two accounts.

9.  I’ve been talking about accounts not pages because if someone has “liked” a page they can see your personal postings. you can communicate only to them but they can see everything you post. So how can you have more than one Account when they need to come off your personal account? 

   a. Add a new account in your name but also add a middle initial.

   b. Build a Business/ Professional page in your new account and 

   c. Invite selected friends and work contacts to “Like” it.

If you need to separate your personal Account out into Business and Personal you can:

1. Set up your Business Page and invite current work “Friends” to it with an explanation and promise of exciting new business content. Once they’ve joined, unfriend them from your Personal Account – unless they’re also friends.

2. Remember people on both lists will see the same post twice if you post to both pages. If it doesn’t worry them they’ll continue. If they decide they only want one they’ll unsubscribe from one list.

This list is by no means exclusive so please add any other points you’d like to suggest in the comments below.