Some people go weak at the knees in horror at needing to work with data, but, as with everything, with understanding comes power. Integrated data-driven marketing, carried out with respect for the individual and their privacy,  will not only help your business grow, but also enable people to achieve their own goals and needs.

For some these goals will be travel, fine motor cars designer household goods – for others it’s to fight disease, poverty, injustice. Data, used properly, is the most powerful tool in the modern world. It is only untranslated information – information which can then be used to create knowledge

The question is then what is the cost of inactivity caused by paralysis due to perceived or real complexity? Or are you feeling proactive?  Are you responsible for your future and that of your company? Where do you want to be as a business in six months, or five years time?  Data is the key to scalable growth. Will you scale new heights or plummet?