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The New Digital Relationship

Sherry Turkle points out how our digital footprint is one we can edit to be whom we want it to be; how young people are losing the […]

Talking about Tribes

If you’re familiar with the word “tribe” in business then you’ve probably read Seth Godin’s work.

So let’s look closer:

  1. Who is your tribe?
  2. What are the characteristics of the […]

Inventing Your Tribe

Seth Godin presents on the importance of inventing your own tribe.

“Our job is to find the disconnected and connect them, to find people eager to pursue a […]

Separating Social Media Accounts

If you need to split your Facebook or Google+ accounts to separate your personal and professional lives here are a few good points to remember:

1. It’s easier […]

Segmenting Facebook Friends

Have you thought of segmenting your Friends List in case you want to send different messages to different groups?

The facility exists to make custom lists in addition to […]

Scaling the Heights?

Some people go weak at the knees in horror at needing to work with data, but, as with everything, with understanding comes power. Integrated data-driven marketing, carried out […]

Adding Value?

Is adding value a talent? Or can everyone add value? Is everyone valu-able? If you’re valu-able can anyone prevent you from adding value?

The answer […]

Separating Business and Personal

Grab a cup of coffee and join us to think about points to remember if we need to split social media, for instance Facebook or Google+ accounts, to […]

How to find the Origin of an Image

Did you know Google have a reverse image search function? You just upload an image and they can tell you where it’s being used, and […]

“Two Words Guaranteed to Make You Successful.”

I was quite surprised by the simplicity, depth and power of the “Two Words Guaranteed to Make You Successful”.

What do you think they could be? Neither word is […]