Is adding value a talent? Or can everyone add value? Is everyone valu-able? If you’re valu-able can anyone prevent you from adding value?

The answer is no, no-one can prevent you from adding value – except yourself. The only way to prevent yourself from adding value is to feel, think and live as if we have none.  Accept mediocrity? Or live a full life recognising the values you hold and allowing yourself to express them in everything you do?

How does this relate to data? Data is information – usually about people – whose value goes far beyond their ability to make a financial purchase of goods we may be selling, or donating to a cause we support.  Each person has their own complex lives which they have chosen to share with our businesses at some point of contact, or level of commitment.

Their lives have value.  As such their lives and information deserve to be treated with respect, care and courtesy even when there is no personal relationship. With the right use of data however, you can begin to develop “many on-to-one relationships and employ relationship marketing techniques so the  complexity of the personal can enter the interaction, the relationship, – allowing the “Client” to become a friend, and advocate. Because of data.