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“Use sophisticated data-collection technology and analysis to wring every last drop of value from all your business processes. With analytics, you not only discern what your customers want but how much they want to pay and what keeps them loyal.” (Davenport 2006) Achieving your goals is easiest and quickest when they align to the facts of your business.

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Integrated Marketing is the ability to use several, or many, types of marketing interwoven by strategy to reach your goals i.e. Social Media, Digital Marketing, Newsletters and email marketing, website analysis, and more. Our marketing background can make your ideas and dreams a reality. Our network also includes other specialists.

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“IT and applications have to be closely aligned with the business goals and the information and analysis needs …. Such alignment creates a dynamic (where) technology can be used to facilitate the answering of focussed performance questions and the solving of specific business problems.” (Bernard Marr “The Intelligent Company” 2010.)

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Solutions suited to what you need to support each of your marketing goals, as well as settle any concerns and problems, in a timely bespoke manner.

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Wondering how to make your social media more effective? At Data Success Coach we can advise, or help, you to align your data with your social media to maximise your impact and degree of influence.

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Ever need an extra (outside) eye to look at your website and see how well it works and meets your strategic goals? Or need to update it as your activities change and your business develops? Data Success Coach can help you achieve what you want while increasing your capacity.

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After discussion and analysis of your needs, Data Success Coach will provide independent advice on various types of Client Relationship Management Systems (CRM) and Fundraising databases which could be useful to you. If required, we can also assist with preparation of your data and the tagging/ coding framework of the new system.

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At Data Success Coach we use traditional coaching methods to enable and empower you to work with your data more efficiently and effectively – organising the information you already hold in your business and streamlining procedures to maximise your profits and effectiveness. Making your data easy to enter, efficient to retrieve and Effective to use.

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Using the consultant’s knowledge and experience to help their client’s answer, accomplish, or reach, specific questions, tasks, and goals in a timely manner. Our services apply across all database systems. Services and products are individualised – designed to add value to – your business.

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Principal Data Success Coach, Anthea Lowe, is a trained Professional speaker and able to present conversations about “Data as Fun”;  “What comes before Acquisition?”; “The Elements of Engagement”; and “The Data Maximisation Framework”. Anthea has spoken before many audiences of various sizes and sociodemographic groups. Her most recent engagement was as a speaker at the Fundraising Institute of Australia National Conference at the Melbourne Convention Centre in March 2016 where she launched “The Marketing Alignment Rocket System for Fundraisers” as part of the topic “Connecting with Data – Passionately, Emotionally – for a Cause”.

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